Nanabush Café - Algonquin Canoe Company
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Nanabush Café

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Kwe Kwe & welcome to Nanabush Café!!  

From mid June till Labour Day weekend we’ll be open from 7am till 7pm everyday!


Our 24hr Laundromat is open from May until October.


Nanabush, the son of a human mother and the West Wind spirit father;  Nanabush is depicted on rock drawings throughout Algonquin Territory in human form with his distinguishing rabbit shaped ears. He was revered as a transformer; he could change into and take the shape of an animal. Nanabush had powerful magic to give special powers or attributes to the animals and plants. Nanabush was also a Trickster, bent on making humans look silly, although his own jokes often backfired on him.


He was sent to earth to teach his people about the healing plants, about kindness, generosity, and honesty. One of Nanabush’s first tasks was to name the trees, the waters, the mountains, the animals, the birds and the plants.